How to use this book

The plan of the book provides several levels of information, varying in depth and technicality. Part One, Chapters One through Thirteen, contains technical and historical information on the processes, with emphasis on recognition of the types of photograph. Part Two, Chapter 14, is a quick reference area that contains five independent sections, including condensed descriptions in Section 3 that are listed according to base materials for quick reference. Section 4 describes an interactive computer program called FOTOFIND, written as a companion to this book. It is intended to be a complete identification database and also a learning tool.

Since not all readers have easy access to comprehensive libraries, multiple references are given to improve the chances of finding more information if needed. It is not possible to provide current information on all available books in print; libraries and booksellers maintain up-to-date listings of this information.

In addition to contemporary references, a number of 19th century works have been listed, such as original references and reprints of classic 19th century books that are excellent sources of unabridged information. To aid in topical research, the bibliography is also listed in broad categories in classified form.