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Part One - History of the Processes

Chapter 1
  Uncoated Paper
Chapter 2
  Coated Paper
Chapter 3
  Flexible Negatives
Chapter 4
  Bichromate, Carbon, and Oil Processes
Chapter 5
  Photomechanical Reproduction
Chapter 6
  Glass Negatives and Positives
Chapter 7
  Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes, and Tintypes
Chapter 8
  Cases, Paper Mounts, and cartes de visite
Chapter 9
  Transferotypes and Miscellaneous Bases
Chapter 10
  Colors of Black and White Prints
Chapter 11
  Historical Enlarging and Reversal
Chapter 12
  Copying Techniques and Restoration,
written in collaboration with R. G. Rudd

Chapter 13
  Microscopic Examination and Analysis

Part Two - Quick Reference

Chapter 14 - 19th Century Processes
   Section 1 - Photo Attributes to be Recognized
   Section 2 - Process names: synonyms and variations
   Section 3 - Condensed Descriptions
   Section 4 - FOTOFIND computer program instructions
   Section 5 - Process Chronology


Appendix I
  A Scanning Electron Microscope Looks At a Daguerreotype
Appendix II
  Analysis of a Paper Photograph
Appendix III
  Notes on the FOTOFIND Computer Program

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