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2077IN-A-114P photo(s) availableApache man with Springfield Musket, Prescott, Arizona, C.1875
2078IN-A-115P photo(s) availableApache men with Winchester Rifle and headdress, Prescott, Arizona, C.1880
2109IN-A-119P photo(s) availableGroups of Apache men with weapons, S.L., C.1880
2122IN-A-134P photo(s) availableApache family: man wears gun, gun belt, and chaps, S.L., C.1880
2123IN-A-135P photo(s) availableSix Apache men: two carry Springfield Muskets; one man in uniform, S.L., C.1880
2126IN-A-138P photo(s) availableEight Apache Scouts with bolt action rifles, S. L., C.1885
2127IN-A-139P photo(s) availableApache Scout with Springfield musket, S.L., C. 1880
290IN-A-157PB photo(s) availableApache Chief Geronimo; 1886
291IN-A-157PE  Apache Chief Geronimo; N.D.
206IN-A-158PB photo(s) availableApache Chief Geronimo, Son, & Warriors; 1886
295IN-A-159PA photo(s) availableApache Chief Natches, c. 1876
449IN-A-171PA photo(s) availableApache Scouts.
451IN-A-171PD photo(s) availableApache Scouts; C.1880
326IN-H-407P photo(s) availableHavasupai Men with Guns; N.D.
2826MIL-129P photo(s) availableEvening gun, Fort Grant, Arizona, C.1880

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