Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden

Abbie was born June 5, 1886, in Clifton, Illinois, daughter of Charles and Mary Harling Wright.

Like many women of her time, Abbie endured hardships and sorrows but kept about life with diligence, sweetness and humor.

Abbie lost her mother when she was quite young and was not treated kindly by her step-mother. She lost her brother and ally in World War I and moved away from relatives and friends when her father was transferred to Kansas with the railroad.

In Herrington, Kansas, Abbie met and married her husband, Edgar B. Raudebaugh, a cement contractor and carpenter on July 22, 1904. Their first child, Violet Irene Wilson, was born there in 1906, then the family moved to Port Lavaca, Texas, where their second child, George Francis was born in 1907.

California beckoned them with a promise of more jobs and easier living, but circumstances stopped them in Flagstaff, Arizona. Here they remained and had two more children... Mary Jane Belluzzi and Vera Isabella. Vera died at the age of 13 during a polio epidemic.

Books were always of great interest to Abbie, and she was a volunteer as the library was being put together by the Flagstaff's Women's Club. Later she was hired as a full-time librarian and carried out that job with integrity and dedication for 16 years without the benefit of any formal training or equipment beyond an old typewriter.

Abbie was loved and respected by those who knew her. She was a positive influence on the many people of all ages who knew her through the library and her Episcopal Church of the Epiphany associations.

Her family benefited from her positive examples and loving countenance, and she will always be remembered that way.

Abbie died on December 22, 1977, and was buried in Citizens Cemetery in Flagstaff.

Donor: Mary Lou Morrow
March 1999

Additional documentation and photographs may be available in the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives and Library.