Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden

Born on September 23, 1844, in Dayton, Ohio, Adeline was a nurse during the Civil War. In 1867, she went to Kansas to teach school. She met James Knox Polk Hall at Minneapolis, Kansas, during an Indian raid, and married him on January 31, 1869.

They came to the Prescott area in 1882 and lived on Orchard Ranch near Dewey. They had three children: John Wesley (born and died 1872), Sharlot Mabridth (1870 - 1943), and Edward V. "Ted" (ca. 1874 - 1928).

Adeline, with her medical knowledge, helped many persons in need of assistance. Sharlot thought her mother "brilliant, ambitious and completely frustrated by her husband's lack of sensitivity to her needs."

She was, however, an inspiration for her daughter who said "all of the poems were written to please mother...or to put into written words things she had suggested. Many times it was her own thought or her experience that I shaped into verse."

Adeline supported her daughter's interests. Her daughter, after whom Sharlot Hall Museum is named, is also represented in the Rose Garden. Adeline died on August 24, 1912, and was buried in the Simmons Plot, Arizona Pioneers' Cemetery.

Donor: Mrs. A. H. Favour

Additional documentation and photographs may be available in the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives and Library.