Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden
Born in Menzingen, Switzerland, on December 27, 1873, Agnes came to Arizona as a young woman. Cooking was her vocation, horseback riding and hiking her favorite sports.

Agnes first cooked at the Golden Idol Mine and at the Swastika Mine. She worked for Mrs. Paul Schrade at the White House Hotel in Mayer and then took over the management of the hotel for Louis Schrade in 1951.

Agnes was a past master in the art of cooking, and her "half-and-half" proportion of finely-cut herbs and cubed round, for instance, was something to write home about, according to an account in "Echoes of the Past, II."

While she was working at the hotel, the White House Hotel was very popular. She was praised by Dora Sessions Lee, who worked for her, as having "placidity in times of physical danger, high moral courage, intrepid in following the dictates of her own conscience."

Miss Agnes never married. "She loved them all," Dora remembered. "Singling out one for marriage was a thing she had not the heart to do. Arizona miners were a better lot for her abiding love and her faithful service to their needs."

Agnes was of the Catholic faith. Her chief incentive for living was to serve humanity. Her sister, Maria Eberly, is also represented in the Rose Garden

Agnes died on September 26, 1951.

Donor: Geneva Adams

Additional documentation and photographs may be available in the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives and Library.