Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden

Angeline "Angie" Brigham Mitchell was born in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, on October 5, 1854, to Daniel and Angeline Brigham Mitchell. Angie's family came to Prescott with the Callen Party in 1875.

Already a teacher of outstanding record in Kansas, Angie was a graduate of New England and Kansas colleges. In the Prescott area, she taught at Miller Valley, Old Tiger Camp, Wild Rye, Tonto Basin and West Prescott schools. In January 1877, she resigned as a teacher in Walnut Grove School and began advertising her own private school in the Arizona Miner.

Morris Goldwater, in writing of Masonry in Prescott, wrote: "There was no night in Prescott that businesses did not close up for either darkness or for Sunday, when there was a union Sunday morning church. When Angie Brown, who was then Angie Mitchell, began to sing and play there, all the gambling houses closed tight shut for that hour, and in their best clothes the gamblers and proprietors went to church, listened to the really fine music, put a generous handful of coin in the contribution box, and went back to open up the most prosperous and lucky games of the week."

In March 1881 in Prescott, Angie was the Enrolling and Engrossing Clerk of the House of Representatives during the 11th Arizona Territorial Legislature.

On April 20, 1881, she married George Edward Brown, who had a ranch on the Agua Fria River. The announcement of their marriage in the Arizona Miner was headlined "Co-partnership." When George was appointed to the Indian Service, they moved to the Maricopa Indian Reservation.

Angie was an organist at Westside Church in Prescott and a member of the Golden Rule Chapter of the Eastern Star. Her scrapbooks and other memorabilia are in the Sharlot Hall Museum Library and Archives (Mitchell-Brown Family Collection MS-3). Her mother, Angeline Brigham Mitchell, is also represented in the Rose Garden.

Angie died on January 22, 1909, in Phoenix, Arizona on the Maricopa Indian Reservation.

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Photo: Mitchell-Brown Family Collection, MS-3, Box 5.4

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