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Annie was born in 1866 and came to Arizona from Boston in 1884 to teach school. She arrived by stagecoach from San Francisco when she was 18 years old, weighed 90 pounds, and wore a size 1 shoe.

Annie boarded with the Willards in Cottonwood, and her first beau was Dolph Willard. She boarded with the Spauldings when she taught in the Agua Fria Valley, and she was Sharlot Hall's first teacher.

On October 23, 1888, Annie married John Sherman Sessions at the residence of the groom's parents in the Cherry Creek district.

Dora Lee Sessions wrote of her mother in Echoes of the Past, "The little Boston school teacher who was my mother was busy having babies with the shortest lapse of time between them that nature could possibly contrive...having six children: Dora Lee, Edith, Ed, George, Jack and Charlie in quick succession."

Annie's mother-in-law was fond of telling the story of how Annie once mended her husband's undergarments so neatly that he couldn't sit down in them. But she praised her daughter-in-law's "blue-ribbon venison mincemeat."

The Sherman Session house was on Cherry Street in Prescott.

Annie died in October 1934 and was buried in Mountain View Cemetery.

Donors: Her daughters

Additional documentation and photographs may be available in the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives and Library.