Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden

Bessie Ethel was born June 8, 1879, in Prescott, Arizona Terrotory, the daughter of Catherine Shanberger and Daniel Hatz. Bessie was a stenographer for Judge J. J. Hawkins for a time. After studying in San Diego, she taught at Ash Fork, Skull Valley and Groom Creek.

On November 5, 1905, in the First Congregational Church in Prescott, she married Albert William Bork, a pharmacist who had a partnership share in the Owl Drug & Candy Company on the corner of North Montezuma and Gurley streets.

After the marriage and until sometime in 1907, they lived on Grove Avenue and then moved into the house they built at 326 Park Avenue (now 224). The Borks had six children: Albert William Jr, born August 12, 1906; Catherine Caroline Simpson Freeman, born July 23, 1908; Daniel Hatz, born January 30, 1911, and died June 17, 1957; Elizabeth Violet, born September 2, 1912; Henry Walter, born December 23, 1914; and John Theodore, born April 26, 1919. All of her children finished their high school educations in Prescott.

After the loss of his business, Al and his family moved to a small house at 313 North Mt. Vernon Street. After the death of her husband in 1921, Bessie moved to 111 South Mt. Vernon Street.

From her teen years, she was an active member of the First Congregational Church, where she was married, and was also active in the Monday Club. A true daughter of the American Frontier in pioneer days, Bessie was an educator, housewife and mother. She was a personal friend of Sharlot Hall from childhood.

Bessie raised her children after being widowed and saw the older ones started on their careers. Her mother, Catherine Hartz, and her grandmother, Elizabeth Shanberger, are also represented in the Sharlot Hall Rose Garden.

Bessie died in Prescott on July 4, 1935, and was buried in the Mountain View Cemetery.

DONOR: (Albert) William Bork, 1997

Additional documentation and photographs may be available in the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives and Library.