Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden

Beth was born on March 5, 1893, in Buena Vista, Colorado, daughter of Miranda (Amy) Hutchin and Emanuel (Ed) Block. Ed was the owner of a menswear store on Montezuma Street in Prescott and of mines in the White Spar area.

Beth attended school in Prescott at St. Joseph's Academy then went to high school in Pasadena, California, while living with her step-aunt, Maria S. Reeve, sister of Beth's stepmother, Helen Strange Block. After high school, she went to Mount Ida Girls' College in Newton, Massachusetts.

As a four-year-old youngster, Beth was the first child to ride down the Grand Canyon on a horse, not a mule. She had a gun at the age of six. She and her brother Harold built a cabin in the forest.

In 1900, her father, Ed Block, was instrumental in saving morale and materials during the Prescott fire on Whiskey Row by encouraging store owners to move their stocks to the courthouse grounds and continue doing business.

Beth lived at 129 Marina Street in a house later moved to South Cortez Street. She worked as a reporter for the Journal Miner in 1920 prior to her marriage on December 25, 1920, to Ralph Waldo Pelta in Buena Vista, Colorado.

Upon her marriage, she also became the stepmother of Henrietta Pelta. Henrietta credits her stepmother for her own achievements as a musician and professor due to Beth's patient efforts, gentle goading and life-long support.

Beth was a loving housewife and homemaker and a member of the 30th Church of Christian Science in Los Angeles.

Beth died on March 24, 1977, in Los Angeles, California, and was buried in Green Hills Cemetery at San Pedro, California.

Donors: Nadine B. Robinson, Henrietta Pelta
November 1998
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