Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden

Carrie, daughter of John G. and Martha Ferguson Swingle, was born May 29, 1869, at Vallisca, Iowa. On September 29, 1888, she married George Washington Craighead at Corning, Iowa, and the couple moved to Phoenix, Arizona, where George became a partner with Levi Hewins in the insurance and real estate business. Mrs. Hewins, nee Alice Butterfield, was a friend of Sharlot Hall.

George and Carrie had one a daughter, Laura Frances Olmsted, born on January 15, 1891. When George developed tuberculosis, the family moved to Walnut Grove for the pure air. There they operated a store where freight wagons would stop to deliver and pick up supplies for the mines and ranches in the surrounding area. When George died in 1894, Carrie and daughter Laura moved back to Phoenix.

In 1898,Carrie married George Merwin, and the family returned to Walnut Grove and took up ranching. Carrie and George had three children: Ruth Lucille McGuire, born June 25, 1899; David Copperfield Merwin, born April 19, 1901; and Helen Mae Merwin, born August 26, 1906.

After a few years the family moved into Prescott, where Carrie served as a Yavapai County Jail matron. She later worked as a matron at the industrial school at Fort Grant near Willcox. Carrie was also an active member in the Eastern Star.

Carrie died on April 5, 1924, in Pasadena, California, and is buried in Mountain View Cemetery in Prescott.

Donor: Norma Orr
February 2001

Additional documentation and photographs may be available in the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives and Library.