Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden

Catherine Sarah Shanberger was born March 13, 1852, in Maumelle, Arkansas. She came some time in early 1875 to Prescott with her sister, Elizabeth Shanberger Probst and husband George.

Probst was commissioned by his father-in-law John Shanberger to escort his wife and her sisters to Prescott and to purchase lots in the town so that he and his wife might move to Arizona to join them.

On December 12, 1875, Catherine married Daniel Hatz, a native of Seewis, Graubunden, Switzerland, and proprietor of the Pioneer Hotel in Prescott. Her husband was one of the builders of the "Governor's Mansion," the centerpiece of the Sharlot Hall Museum.

From the time of her marriage and until 1921, she lived at 225 North Montezuma Street. She had three children: Violet Mary (Mrs. Walter George Grimmer), born March 23, 1877; Bessie Ethel (Mrs. Albert William Bork), born June 8, 1879; and Albert John, born February 26, 1880(?).

She was a pioneer and mother in Prescott when those words had their most literal meaning, before there were any more than a suggestion of what we now know as community relationships and functions. At this time, there were probably fewer than 50 married couples in the village.

The 200 block of North Montezuma Street was the location of the homes of the earliest business people, including the Raibles, the Fredricks and the Fords. When the LaGuardias were in Prescott, they lived in a rental next door to the Hatzes. Several times when death came to single men in the community, the funeral services were held in the parlor of the Hatz home, a simple front room that also served for small social functions.

Catherine was an excellent cook and baker of bread and pastries. After her husband's reverses in mining in the 1890s, she operated a boarding house in their home on North Montezuma Street with great success. For years she continued to bake bread and rolls for her family and grandchildren each week.

She made birthday cakes every year for each of her grandchildren, which were decorated by her husband who had from earliest times in his hotel operations achieved a reputation in the community as a pastry cook.

Catherine was a practicing member of the First Church of Christ Scientist for many years.

In 1921, Catherine moved to 111 South Mt. Vernon Street, where she lived until her death in September 1925. She was buried in Mountain View Cemetery.

Her mother Elizabeth Shanberger and her daughter Bessie Bork are also represented in the Rose Garden.

Donor: William (Albert) Bork, 1997

Additional documentation and photographs may be available in the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives and Library.