Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden

Clara, daughter of William Charles and Mary Caroline Bursey Pierce, was born in San Luis Obispo County, California, on February 26, 1869. She came to Arizona Territory about 1885 to the Walnut Grove home of her grandfather, William Pierce.

On April 5, 1892, she married rancher James Oliver Carter at Walnut Grove. The couple had four children: Glenna L. Carter, born May 29, 1893; Cortlandt Arden Carter, born September 2, 1894; Georgia Carter, born December 15, 1897; and Clay Dean Carter Potter, born October 4, 1907. The family lived at different times in Walnut Grove, Tempe and Kirkland Junction, Arizona.

Clara died on June 26, 1953, at the Kirkland Junction home of her daughter, Clay Dean Potter, and was buried in the Walnut Grove Cemetery.

Her mother, Mary Caroline Bursey Pierce, and her daughter, Clay Dean Carter Potter, are also commemorated in the Rose Garden.

For more information about the Carter family, see ECHOES OF THE PAST, Vol. 2.

Donor: grandson, P.C. and Pat Potter

Additional documentation and photographs may be available in the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives and Library.