Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden
Claudia was born on May 20, 1884, in Oakland, California, to Eleanor and William Adams. Her father operated a large department store there.

She was educated in San Diego and was graduated from Southern California Normal School, where she was crew captain on the rowing team in 1905.

Claudia taught in Bishop, California, where she married Paul E. Lodge on June 26, 1909, and came to Arizona in 1918. They lived in Chino Valley.

During World War I, on trips to Prescott, Claudia would go the the Red Cross and take instructions and pick up yarn and materials to distribute to the ladies of Chino Valley for knitting and bandage-making.

After World War I, the Lodges moved to Prescott. They had two children: Edmund (1911) and Frances (1910) Hicks. Claudia's main interests were her family and the Monday Club.

In Prescott, the family lived at 224 South Mt. Vernon. Claudia belonged to St. Luke's Episcopal Church. She died of cancer in January 1933 in Prescott and was buried in Mountain View Cemetery.

Donors: Dr. and Mrs. Taylor Hicks, Sr.

Additional documentation and photographs may be available in the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives and Library.