Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden
Dora was born in Kansas in 1861, the daughter of Cordelia and John Morton. She married Irving Leach when she was 16 years old. She said he gambled and drank and lost the ranch in Colorado, so she divorced him and took her four children (Harry, Irving, Dora Cordelia Rosenblatt Walker [who is also represented in the Rose Garden] and Arthur), to Denver where she ran a boarding house.

She married W. C. Russell, a prospector; they came to Arizona in the 1890s, and ran a boarding house in Providence, Arizona. Dora divorced Russell and moved to 110 N. Willow in Prescott to be the housekeeper for two Eastern ladies recovering from tuberculosis. She belonged to Rebekah Lodge. She later operated a candy store and ice cream parlor in Tonopah, Nevada, and rented rooms to women seeking divorces.

Later Dora married Mr. Bubar. Strong-willed and resourceful, Dora was an early-day entrepreneur. "Granny" Dora Bubar's watermelon pickles are included in the recipes in Weiner's Arizona Territorial Cook Book.

Both her daughter, Dora Cordelia Rosenblatt Walker, and her granddaughters, Dora Leach Russell Heap, Pauline Gerhardt Rosenblatt Tovrea, Louise Caroline Rosenblatt Lynch, and Bertha Louise Rosenblatt Scholey Boone are represented in the Rose Garden. She died in Prescott in 1941 and was buried in Odd Fellows Cemetery.

Donor: Pauline R. Tovrea, daughter

Additional documentation and photographs may be available in the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives and Library.