Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden
Eliza, who was born in Tennessee in 1836, married Dr. William E. Rudd in Clarksville, Arkansas, about 1854. The Rudds came to Arizona in 1876 in an ox-drawn wagon, settling in Springerville.

Dr. Rudd was the first physician in the Springerville/St. Johns area, where he also owned cattle and practiced law.

Eliza and William had 12 children, the youngest of whom was Catherine Randle.

In September 1928, Eliza, then the oldest woman in the northern part of the state, unveiled the statue "Madonna of the Trails" at Springerville. The statue is part of a D. A. R. project, placing duplicates of the Madonna at various points across America.

Eliza died in 1932 in Springerville.

Donor: Catherine Randle

Additional documentation and photographs may be available in the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives and Library.