Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden
Elizabeth was born on April 27, 1841. She married James Harlow Lane, a miner, on August 15, 1858, near Napa, California.

The Harlows had seven children: Virginia Lee Lessard (1865), John L. (1867), Jessie Bellfield Edwards (1872), Mary Tennessee Motsinger Mayginnes (1873), Martha Jackson Enright (1876), Melissa Hannah Strong Schornick (1879), and Minnie Elizabeth (1881).

Elizabeth was the proprietress of the Miners' Restaurant in McCabe. No woman in McCabe had the respect and good wishes of the miners more than did Elizabeth.

Elizabeth died February 13, 1910, in McCabe, Arizona. Her daughters, Virginia, Jessie, Mary and Martha, and her granddaughter, Elva Breckenridge, are also represented in the Rose Garden.

Donor: E. Edwards and E. Breckenridge

Additional documentation and photographs may be available in the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives and Library.