Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden
Born on January 25, 1863, in Pineville, Missouri, Elizabeth was the daughter of Alvina Caroline Davenport and Carlyle Ross Russell. Elizabeth married Robert Monroe Hopper in McDonald County, Missouri, on August 24, 1877. With their seven children, they "set out on the long and wearisome journey" to the West(Echoes of the Past, II).

They arrived in Lower Verde, Arizona, in 1896, and built a store. After Robert's death on June 14, 1900, Elizabeth continued to run the store.

Their children were Mary Irene "Mamie" (Mrs. Jim) Donnell; Ella Heath Haigler; Pearl (Mrs. Wesley) Sneary; Laura (Mrs. Lex) Wall Cochran; Earl; Maude Walker (Mrs. Raymond) McMahan; and Rhoda Belle (Mrs. George) Reid. Rhoda, the eldest, had married in Missouri. Her daughter, Laura Cochran, is also represented in the Rose Garden.

In 1913, Elizabeth married Elias Wine. Elizabeth is quoted in Echoes of the Past, II: "During the years of struggle, I enjoyed the steadfast loyal friendship of Elias Wine, but for the sake of our children's happiness, we decided not to marry until they were all well established. Our succeeding life together was one of pleasant companionship and counted (sic) happiness until he was taken by death in 1931."

The family moved into the Old Fort Building (Colonel's Quarters) where she died on June 4, 1941. She was buried in the Cottonwood Cemetery.

Donor: Mrs. J. E. Donnell

Additional documentation and photographs may be available in the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives and Library.