Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden
Ella, the first Anglo child to be born in Phoenix, was born in the old Monahan Block on Washington Street near Central on August 15, 1871, the daughter of pioneer William Hudson Kirkland (after whom the town of Kirkland was named) and his wife Missouri Ann.

Ella married cattleman Wayne Ritter on December 16, 1897, in Congress. They ranched for many years in the Congress Junction area between Kirkland and Thompson Valley.

Ella was a member of the Yavapai Cowbelles. Her husband Wayne was an contestant in the first Prescott rodeo.

The Wayne Ritter School in Tempe was named for Wayne Ritter and is now a part of the campus of Arizona State University.

Ella later moved to Tempe, where she died on October 19, 1960.

Donor: Yavapai Cowbelles

Additional documentation and photographs may be available in the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives and Library.