Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden

Emily Ann was born on December 16, 1844, in London, England, and came to America on a sailing vessel in 1848.

In February 1863 at Sabrecka, Nebraska, she married Dewitt Clinton Young, who had been a government scout on the Oregon Trail. They joined a wagon train and settled at Willows Ranch in Williamson Valley in 1878.

Emily Ann was exceptionally well read and taught many young people. She played the organ and sang well, as did all of her children. She taught the children on the wagon train and, since her organ went with her wherever she went, she conducted sings there as well as in her home after they settled. She was an interesting conversationalist, very witty and a good story-teller.

Emily Ann and Dewitt had 10 children: Jeff, Alice, Maggie, Lucy, Lon, Joe, Tot, Roy, Daisy Johnson and Etta (Mrs. Clarence) Denny. Etta is also represented in the Memorial Rose Garden.

Emily Ann was truly a pioneer woman who left her mark on family, friends and community. She died in 1919 and was buried in Williamson Valley Cemetery.

Donor: Mrs. W. C. Denny

Additional documentation and photographs may be available in the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives and Library.