Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden

Emily was born in Minnesota on December 21, 1880, the daughter of Joseph and Josepha Muzik. She married Frank G. Plummer on July 9, 1900, in Los Angeles. The couple had a son, Paul Ashton Plummer, born on July 27, 1902. Her husband died in 1904; Emily and her son came to Prescott, where her sister Ina was living. There she met and married Herman Frederick Brinkmeyer on January 14, 1909.

Emily and Herman had two sons: Robert Stanley, born on September 29, 1917, who died at birth; and Herman Frank, born on May 12, 1926. Emily lived with her family first in the Brinkmeyer home at 602 West Gurley. She later bought the property next door on Park Avenue and also owned several rental homes in the same location.

Emily was an excellent housewife and loving mother. Many examples of her embroidery and tatting handiwork are still cherished by her descendants. She was an active member of the Western Rebekah Lodge No. 9 for 50 years and a Christian Scientist.

She died on February 14, 1958, in Prescott and was buried in the family plot at Mountain View Cemetery. Her sister Ina and her two nieces Marcella and Caroline Brinkmeyer are also represented in the Rose Garden.

Donors: Herman and Cookie Brinkmeyer
May 2005

Additional documentation and photographs may be available in the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives and Library.