Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden
Emma was born August 18, 1902, in Prescott, the daughter of Mathew and Anna Andres. Following her high school graduation, she went to work in her father's tobacco store at 125 N. Cortez, stripping tobacco and making cigars.

Magazines carried in her father's store expanded her horizons and inspired her artistic talents toward painting and quilt making. She made many beautiful, original quilts, all pieced and quilted in the Andres Cigar Store while waiting on customers.

In 1984, Emma was awarded the first Arizona Quilt Artisan Award for her unique art form. Following the death of her mother in 1963, Emma converted her father's store into the "Andres Memorial Museum," later "Emma's Happiness Museum," where she exhibited her quilts, dolls and art work.

Until her move to the Arizona Pioneers' Home in 1984, she resided in the family home at 120 W. Carleton. Emma was an active member of the Sacred Heart Church and was known to many Prescottonians for her generous, kindhearted deeds, having helped many people during unfortunate times.

Emma died April 28, 1988, and was buried in Mountain View Cemetery.

Donor: Mark Tetreau

Additional documentation and photographs may be available in the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives and Library.