Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden

Esta was born on February 5, 1877, in Prescott, the daughter of "Roll" and Rachel Miller. She was also the niece of Sam Miller after whose family Miller Valley was named.

Esta attended Tempe Normal School and taught in lower Williamson Valley School. The Miner noted "she has been offered a contract by the school for a term. (Glad to hear it. No higher compliment can be paid to a teacher's work than the offer of a re-engagement unless it be the offer of an increased salary.)"

Esta married Monroe Redden, a merchant, on August 18, 1897, in her mother's home. The couple lived in Skull Valley. Later they moved to Prescott and rented the old Governor's Mansion to live in.

Monroe owned the O. K. Store on Gurley Street. Esta and Monroe had two daughters: Esta Miller Redden Winchester, who was born in the Mansion and was the historian in the family, and Rachel Delilah Redden Koontz, who is also represented in the Rose Garden.

Esta died on June 22, 1900, and was buried in Mountain View Cemetery.

Donors: Esta Winchester and Rachel Koontz

Additional documentation and photographs may be available in the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives and Library.