Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden

Grace was born November 6, 1903, in a grass and deer hide wikiup in Prescott, Arizona Territory, the second daughter of Viola and Sam "Red Ants" Jimulla. Sam was born in 1877 in San Carlos, Gila County, Arizona Territory. and became Chief of the Yavapai Tribe. Grace's older sister Daisy died shortly after birth in 1902.

Her mother, Viola became Tribe Chieftess in 1940 after Sam died in an accident falling off his horse.

Grace and her sisters Lucy (1906-1984), Amy (1912-1940) and Rosie (1913-1914) spent their lives in the Prescott area. Grace followed her mother as Prescott Yavapai Tribe Chieftess from August 12, 1967, serving until her death in March 1976.

Grace married Don Mitchell on January 12, 1939, and they had four children: Richard, Marjorie, Donald and Ruth (Mrs. Russell Welch). Grace was the first member of the Prescott Yavapai Tribe to graduate from high school.

Grace loved and believed in her people and worked hard for their betterment.
Her obituary said she was instrumental in getting the 1000-acre reservation set up as the tribe's permanent home. She taught the Indian children their language, history and tribal customs, because she believed the answer to the struggles of the Indians was knowledge.

Grace fulfilled several roles as mother to many, leader and friend, and she was loved and respected by many people. She was an honorary member of the Monday Club and belonged to the Presbyterian Church. Her mother and her grandmother, Who-wah Pelhame, are also represented in the Rose Garden.

Grace died on March 5, 1976, and was buried in the Yavapai Reservation Cemetery.

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