Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden
Annie was born July 26, 1853, in Mississippi. She married Marion Alexander Perkins on January 5, 1878, and came to Arizona in 1900. They tucked their three small girls into a two-horse buggy and started on their long journey. After encamping in Holbrook, they went on to Baker-Campbell 76 Ranch, 25 miles below the head of the Verde River.

Marion and Annie brought cattle from Texas to the Bar Cross outfit. The ranches became the town of Perkinsville, named in honor of his family. The Indian women learned that Annie had a treadle sewing machine, and by sign language they made it known they wanted to use it. For years, these women brought their yards and yards of material to stitch into dresses.

Annie and Marion had four sons: Benjamin, Marion Nicholas, Robert Elisha and one lost at birth; and five daughters: Fannie (who is also represented in the Rose Garden), Elizabeth, Cora (who died before they left Texas), Katie and Valeria, who died of scarlet fever in Arizona.

Marion died on June 26, 1927. Annie died on August 19, 1929, in Chino Valley and was buried in Mountain View Cemetery.

Donor: Ben Perkins

Additional documentation and photographs may be available in the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives and Library.