Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden

Hattie was born on January 1, 1872, in San Francisco, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Charles Crane. She came with her family to Yavapai County in 1872 on a wagon train at the age of six months. The family lived in a ranch home near Granite Mountain. She grew up on the post at Camp Verde (then Camp Lincoln).

Hattie was graduated from St. Joseph's Academy in 1890 and taught school in Ash Fork and Big Chino (1882). On October 11, 1892, she married Albert Stringfield at Banghart Station. According to Pioneer Stories of Verde Valley, "The newly made husband was underage and had to get his mother's consent."

Albert and Hattie moved onto the Stringfield Ranch off Williamson Valley Road in Mint Valley, and she became a cattle woman. They had two sons, Jim, who died 1959, and Lon, and five daughters: Hazel (Mrs. L.) Garner, Ethel (Mrs. E. E.) Willey, Bertha (Mrs. John W.) Hunt, Agnes (Mrs. J. R.) Truman, and Bernice (Mrs. Fay) Scarlett.

Hattie was widowed in 1932. She was a charter member of the Yavapai Cowbelles,
Prescott Elks Ladies and all branches of the Cattlegrowers Associations.

Hattie died in October 1960 on her ranch near Granite Mountain and was buried in Mountain View Cemetery.

Donors: Yavapai Cowbelles

Additional documentation and photographs may be available in the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives and Library.