Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden

Helen (maiden name unknown) was born in Scotland in 1827. She was married in Scotland and had a son named George. When her first husband died, the young George was sent to live with his fatherís family. One day, as George was playing in a park under the supervision of his nurse, Helen kidnapped him, took him to a ship and sailed off to America.

Helen settled in Au Sable, New York, which is close to the Canadian border. She married William Maders, and they had four children: Johnny, Cora Belle, James Henry and Etta.

After some years, Helen and her children left New York, and came by wagon train to Colorado, where they stayed a few months. Then they moved to the Arizona Territory. They first went to Springerville and later to Cherry Creek, where they bought a cattle ranch. There the family settled for the rest of their lives. Their range was from the Dugas area over Mingus Mountain. Rustlers were a problem, but Helen and family survived.

Helen was a small crippled woman who was adventuresome and courageous, a true pioneer woman. She died in 1913 and was buried in Prescottís Mountain View Cemetery.

Donor: Norma Orr and Isabel Johns, great granddaughters
April, 2009

Additional documentation and photographs may be available in the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives and Library.