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Ida Burnett Mosher was born May 3, 1863, in Santa Cruz, California, the daughter of Luraney and John Byrbett. She came to Yavapai County at the age of six months. Her father first ranched at Walnut Grove.

Ida also lived in Peeples' Valley, Goose Flats in Prescott and Walnut Creek as her father moved the family around. The Arizona Journal Miner reported in 1873, Ida was engaged to teach the school at Camp Hualapai located on Walnut Creek when only 16 years old. In 1879, she closed the school to put in a winter of study with a Professor Sherman.

In September 1881, the Journal Miner reported that Ida had started a boarding house in Wickenburg. On December 4, 1881, she married Sadins H. Brewster in Phoenix, Arizona Territory. Their daughter Louise Glen was born on August 18, 1882. Later, when her mother had married again she took the name of Mosher.

A family story says a Mr. Bozart was planning to take Ida to Seligman to marry her. The day they were to leave, he was working with some horses and was kicked and fell and broke his leg. When he got out of the hospital, Ida and Roland had already married.

In Prescott, on January 13, 1885, she married Roland Mosher (born February 7, 1850), who had come to the Camp Verde area in 1870. Roland was a rancher and dairyman and became the Yavapai County Recorder in 1906.

The Moshers were a handsome couple--she was six feet tall and he was six feet four or five inches.

Ida and Roland had three children: Jane Louttit, born November 21, 1885; Roland C. Mosher, born December 7, 1887; and Hugh Mosher, born August 18, 1893. in addition to Ida's son, Glen Shaw, born June 7, 1882.

As well as being a teacher, Ida also became a registered nurse and worked at Flinn Sanatorium and was Superintendent of Nurses at Mercy Hospital. She worked as a typesetter and a stenographer and learned to type at age 50 so that she could work as Chief Deputy County Recorder.

She was a member of the Christian Science Church and the Eastern Star. The Moshers resided in Walnut Grove and the town of Prescott. During Roland's term as County Recorder, they lived in the city-owned Governor's Mansion, housing being part of the Recorder's pay.

Ida died on May 28, 1926, and was buried in Mountain View Cemetery.

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May 1998
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