Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden

Inocentie was born on December 28, 1892, in Signal, Arizona, where she attended school and spent her childhood. She married Edward P. Contreras on September 16, 1910. They lived on the Bozarth cattle ranch in Wild Horse Basin.

In 1915, they homesteaded a ranch on Tonto Flat, Arizzona, 13 miles west of Prescott off Iron Springs Road. They had nine children: Irene Hilbers (1911), Manuel I. "Mickey" (1912), Edward M. (1914-1988), Raymond L. (1918), Catherine M. Garner (1919), Ann McNeill (1921), Marcella M. Nevitt (1925), Adele F. (1930-1931), and Richard T. (1934).

After her husband's death on November 12, 1933, Inocentie raised the eight children and ran the ranch, shooting chicken hawks with a 30-30 to protect her chicks while riding the range. She was also a seamstress.

Inocentie's uncle, Juan Leivas, won first place for single steer roping in the first (1888) rodeo in Prescott. All four sons and the husbands of two of her daughters participated in rodeo; descendants are still active in Prescott Frontier Days.

Inocentie retired from ranching in 1959. She died December 18, 1961, and was buried at Mountain View Cemetery.

Donor: Yavapai Cowbelles

Additional documentation and photographs may be available in the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives and Library.