Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden

Jenny was born in Traymodic, Wales, on August 4, 1840. She married Edward Isaac Roberts, a wagon maker and carpenter, on September 30, 1868, and they came to Prescott with the Grizzly Callen Party from Kansas in 1875.

The Roberts ranched in Sycamore Canyon and moved into Prescott in 1889. Jenny was Edward's second wife and "mother" to his four children: John (1859), Eddie (1863), Joe (1865), and Hannah Hartin (1857), who is also represented in the Rose Garden.

"An estimable woman, a devout Christian," Jenny belonged to the Congregational Church. She lived at 136 (140) North Pleasant Street. Her photo hangs in the Bashford House.

Jenny died on August 17, 1909, and was buried in Citizens Cemetery.

Donors: Mr. and Mrs. H. Hartin

Additional documentation and photographs may be available in the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives and Library.