Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden

Laura, daughter of John Nicholas and Phoebe Lauer Theobald, was born on April 29, 1902, in Marietta, Ohio.

When Laura was two years old, her mother became very ill with what was known as consumption in those days. The family doctor insisted Phoebe must move to a drier climate so the family boarded a train and journeyed to Prescott, Arizona Territory, where Phoebe made a miraculous recovery.

Laura attended Washington School and Prescott High School where she played running center on the girl’s basketball team for four years, was a member of the 1920 Athletic Board, the Hassayamper Staff, and was in the graduating class of 1920.

On September 27, 1925, she married Ernest Delk in Prescott. Ernest was the hardware manager for the Bashford and Burmister Store. The couple had one child, a daughter named Phoebe Ann Cadwallader.

Laura was a member of the First Baptist Church and that church’s secretary for many years. She also worked for Grace Chapman as a recorder in the Prescott Recorder's Office.

When the Bashford and Burmister Store closed its doors in 1941, Ernest was unable to find other employment in Prescott and, much to Laura’s regret, the couple moved to California.

Phoebe Ann writes of her mother that she was a wonderful mother, wife, friend and co-worker. She was always very active in service to others and to her church. She participated in many civic groups and activities.

Laura died on March 15, 1976, and was buried in Mountain View Cemetery in San Bernardino, California.

Donor: Phoebe Ann Delk Cadwallader
December 2003

Additional documentation and photographs may be available in the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives and Library.