Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden

Louise was born in Prescott, Arizona Territory, on July 23, 1911. She was the fourth daughter born to Paul G. and Cordelia Leach Rosenblatt having three older sisters: Pauline Tovrea, Dora Heap, Bertha Scholey Boone and two younger siblings, Jennie Maye Bell and Paul C. Rosenblatt. All are deceased except her brother Paul.

Louise attended Lincoln and Washington schools, graduated from Prescott High School and then attended college in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Louise loved Prescott and its surroundings. She appeared along with her sisters in a Tom Mix movie filmed in the rocks north of her Willow Street home when she was approximately 18 months to two years old. Being the youngest of four sisters, Louise was nicknamed “Mutt." She loved music, dancing and learned to play the organ.

She met Cecil Ray Lynch in high school and married him in 1932. They settled in Phoenix, Arizona. In 1948, the couple purchased an old farmhouse at 6810 North Seventh Street in Phoenix where Louise and Cecil resided until her death in 1993.

Louise always had a part-time job. She worked in the bakeries of an old Prescott schoolmate and friend, Winnie Hume. She sold jewelry or cosmetics and drove a bus for dance students at Totten Dance School. She was a teacher's assistant at Murphy School.

Cecil and Louise raised three children: Tonya Rae Lynch Kennedy, born in 1932; Paul David Lynch, born in 1940; and Cecilia Lynch Webb, born in 1947.

The Lynches' home was the gathering place for family and friends – Louise always had open arms and food for anyone who stopped by. Their home was surrounded by citrus orchards and always beautiful flowers. Louise loved animals and always had a dog by her side.

Louise thoroughly enjoyed her grandchildren, having nine grandchildren and three great-grandchildren at the time of her death in 1993. She took them to the movies, shopping, cooked and baked with them never worrying about what kind of mess was made. She often made molasses taffy, teaching her children and grandchildren the old fashioned "taffy pull" method. She made sure everyone had a birthday cake, one favorite being a spice cake with real whipped cream and sliced bananas.

She often referred to her Granny Bubar, who worked as a cook in the boarding houses at the mines in the Bradshaws. Granny would make Louise's favorite banana fritters. She and Cecil owned three different trailers and camped with the grandkids as much as possible. Their grandchildren’s best memories are Louise’s great stories and adventures of her childhood in Prescott.

Louise loved Prescott and told her children many times that she wanted to die in Prescott. She got her wish on June 17, 1993, passing quietly after staying the weekend with a close friend she knew from kindergarten, Lerene Stich Clow. She was buried in Mountain View Cemetery.

Louise’s grandmother, Dora Leach Russell Bubar; her mother, Dora Cordelia Rosenblatt Walker; and her sisters, Dora Virginia Rosenblatt Heap, Pauline Gerhardt Rosenblatt Tovrea, and Bertha Louise Rosenblatt Scholey Boone are also commemorated in the Territorial Women’s Memorial Rose Garden.

Donors: her children, Tonya Kennedy, Paul Lynch and Cecilia Webb
May 2006

Additional documentation and photographs may be available in the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives and Library.