Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden
M. B. Kellner, wife of Ernest F. Kellner, came with her husband and brother-in-law to Globe, Arizona, in the mid-1870s. When the Kellners came to Arizona, Indian raids were a common occurrence. Mrs. Kellner, then a young bride, braved the early dangers to accompany her husband to the newly opened Southwest. The couple had four children: Mrs. Pollard Pearson, Mrs. Baxter Lewis, Ben Kellner and E. F. Kellner.

Ernest and his brother William owned and operated a sawmill. Many of the homes still standing in Globe in the late 1970s, including Ernest and M. B.ís, were built with lumber from the mill. Kellner Canyon was also named for the brothers.

In 1878, Ernest and partner J. E. Morrill established a general merchandise store in Globe. Ernest soon bought out his partnerís interest in the business. Later M.B. and Ernest moved to Phoenix, where he opened a similar establishment. The couple lived at Jefferson and Third streets and also owned a ranch west of Phoenix.

In her later years, Mrs. Kellner moved to California but kept in close touch with the baby state making regular pilgrimages to Arizona to visit her pioneer friends and her children.

Her obituary stated that she gave freely of her time and money to charitable work in Arizona, but her name was seldom mentioned in the placing of her gifts.

Mrs. Kellner died in December 1926 and was interred in the family plot in Rosedale Cemetery in California.

Donor: Mona McCroskey
June 2003

Additional documentation and photographs may be available in the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives and Library.