Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden

Margaret, sometimes called "Allie", "Maggie" or "Madge," was born on May 3, 1843, the daughter of Caroline and Isaac L. Hunt. On September 27, 1865, she married Richard Cunningham McCormick in the First Presbyterian Church in Rahway, New Jersey.

After their marriage, she came to Arizona as the new bride of the first territorial Secretary of State Richard Cunningham McCormick. Later he was the second Governor of Arizona Territory.

Maggie was the first First Lady to actually live in the Territory. She loved gardening, horseback riding and exploring the area near the Governor's Mansion.

Despite an advanced pregnancy, she traveled with her husband in early 1867 as he went about his duties visiting various parts of Arizona. Margaret died just before her 24th birthday on April 30, 1867, after bearing a stillborn child. She and her baby were buried in the forest near the Governor's Mansion on May 2, 1867.

In 1869, the bodies were removed and taken to Hazelwood Cemetery in Rahway, New Jersey, where she and her unnamed baby were re-interred on July 29, 1869.

Donor: Esther Workman

Additional documentation and photographs may be available in the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives and Library.