Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden
Martha Jane, daughter of Aaron and Margaret Shonkweller Butler Gist, was born in Sebastian, Arkansas, on July 6, 1848. On March 6, 1868, she married William C. Chappell who was killed in the fall of that same year by bushwackers. Their son, Henry Z., was born on March 11, 1869.

In April 1869, Martha and her son along with her mother, four brothers and two sisters-in-law joined a wagon train on route to Fresno, California. They settled in Kern County where Martha met Abraham A. Charlton. The couple married on February 3, 1871.

After the birth of their first two children, Martha Perlina Charlton Oliver in 1871 and William Aaron in 1873, the family moved to Simmons, Arizona, where Abraham and Martha took up farming and ranching.

In 1879, Martha was one of the first women in Yavapai County to apply for registration of her livestock brand. The family continued to grow with the births of Alfred Steven in 1876, Lee Annie Charlton Sanders in 1878, John Francis in 1881 and Louis Abraham in 1884.

In addition to being a housewife, mother and all-around ranch hand Martha was an active member of the Liberty Methodist Church, the Arizona Sons and Daughters, the West Gila Valley Old Timers, the Arizona Pioneer Society, First Families of Arizona and the Liberty Womenís Club.

After Abrahamís death, Martha married J. P. Hoffman on August 8, 1921, in Phoenix, Arizona, and a few years after their marriage the couple moved to Eureka, California, where they lived until J. P.ís death. Martha then returned to Phoenix to live with her daughter.

Martha died on June 30, 1942, and was buried at Greenwood Memorial Cemetery in Phoenix.

Donor: Pauline Jane Sanders Sims, granddaughter
June, 2001

Additional documentation and photographs may be available in the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives and Library.