Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden

Mary Etta, daughter of Levi and Lida Jones, was born in Skull Valley, Arizona August 16, 1894. Her father was a teamster who hauled sand and gravel by wagon to help build the Yavapai County courthouse in addition to doing some farming and ranching.

On December 25, 1910, Mary married George L Gibson, a native Arizona cowboy. The couple had six children: the youngest child, Dorothy, died when she was two years old. The youngest son Jimmy, who lived in Seligman, died in 1983. Their other children were Bill of Bagdad; Ada Smith of Prescott; Ruby Satathite of the N4 Ranch in Yava; and Vi Sanders of the RO Ranch near Prescott.

Mary worked with her husband on many ranches in Yavapai County including the Mule Shoe, the Toehold, the JF and the Ritter. The couple retired in the early 1960s and settled in Prescott. George died in 1970, and Mary moved to the Arizona Pioneers' Home in 1976.

Mary died on October 16, 1986, and memorial services for her were held at Skull Valley Cemetery where she was buried.

Donor: Bill Gibson, son April 2002

Additional documentation and photographs may be available in the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives and Library.