Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden

Born on November 9, 1873, in Iron Mountain, Missouri, Mary came to Prescott in 1894. She was one of the original Harvey Girls and also an early employee of the Burke (St. Michael) Hotel.

After the 1900 fire, she redecorated the hotel, selecting the fabric for the curtains and the bedspreads and helping to make them. The furnishings for the refurbished hotel were purchased by John Fenton Lawler from Marshall Fields and through him Mary met his brother, William Martin Lawler to whom she was married in 1903.

After a wedding breakfast in the home on "Nob Hill" at 225 East Union (the first house built on what was then called "Capitol Block"), the couple traveled by train to the World's Fair in St. Louis for their honeymoon.

Upon their return, they moved to the Hillside Mine where they lived for 14 years, working many mining jobs. Mary drove the horses of the ore wagon and often had to shovel rocks from the road bed before she and her wagon could pass.

She also maintained a successful vegetable garden in their arid soil. A son, John William, was born in 1908 in Prescott, and they moved to the city in 1914 so he could attend school. Many business interests of the Lawlers included the Lawler Building, built in 1900.

Mary obtained samples of silk from an eastern company and created beautiful quilts. She worked with the Altar Society of the Catholic Church, each year donating a quilt for their raffle. She continued to have an active interest in world affairs.

Mary died on February 1, 1958, and was buried in the family mausoleum in Inglewood, California.

Donor: John Lawler

Additional documentation and photographs may be available in the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives and Library.