Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden

Louise was born February 16, 1850, and came to Arizona from Fayette County, Pennsylvania. She joined her sisters who had already established themselves as society leaders in the new territorial capital of Prescott.

On June 29, 1876, Louise married John Bashford, owner of Prescott's Bashford Mercantile Store. The wedding was performed by Reverend Gilmore and took place in the home of her sister Rebecca Buffum on Gurley Street.

In 1878, her husband bought her the house that became known as The Bashford House then located at 403 E. Gurley Street. After extensive renovations and additions, their home became one of Prescott's showcases.

On their 25th wedding anniversary, the Bashfords entertained in the beautiful Victorian House. For the event, the Prescott Band played, and their yard was illuminated with Chinese lanterns of various colors, while the interior of their home was festooned with evergreens. Over the window of the parlor where the couple received their friends was a cluster of electric lights of various colors, forming the numbers 1876-1901. Years later the home was moved to the Sharlot Hall Museum grounds, where it serves as the gift shop for the museum.

In 1903, the Bashfords moved to California, where Louise died on February 17, 1928, at age 78 years, 0 months and one day. She was buried in Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland, California.

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Additional documentation and photographs may be available in the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives and Library.