Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden

May, one of the first white children born in Prescott, Arizona Territory, was born in 1870 in the C. C. Bean house on Mt. Vernon Avenue. Her father, Curtis Coe Bean, was involved in numerous mining ventures and had a ranch northwest of Prescott on Mint Creek.

May's birth was a major event to the miners in the area, who came in crowds to see the new baby.

Curtis served as lay leader before there was a permanent minister in the area. In 1869, he was Santa Claus, making his first Prescott visit to the pioneer children who were gathered in the schoolhouse.

May's husband was a relative of the Dalls, who married into the Franklin Delano Roosevelt family. Her son was Austin Dall.

Donor: Mary Otis Blake

Additional documentation and photographs may be available in the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives and Library.