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Mazie, daughter of William Jasper and Samantha Earnest De Armond, was born on December 23, 1907, at Ft. Whipple in Prescott, Arizona. William had come from Missouri to the Octave and Stanton area of Arizona with his sister and brother-in-law earlier; the two men were co-owners of the Bishop Mine. Once William got established in Arizona, he returned to Kansas where he married his wife and then brought her to Arizona. William also built a boarding house in Stanton that served as a freighting and stage stop.

There were no medical facilities where the family lived, so when Samantha was expecting, William got a job as a carpenter at Ft. Whipple so Mazie could be born there.

After Mazieís birth, the family returned to Stanton, but when Mazie was a year old her father tired of mining and sold out his shares. The family moved to Peepleís Valley to homestead. Five years later William sold his homestead to the Hays Cattle Company, and the family moved to Skull Valley and bought a 200-acre farm.

Mazieís mother home-schooled her until she was eight years old at which time she entered second grade in the one-room Skull Valley schoolhouse. Mazieís parents rented a room in their house to the schoolteacher and gave the teacher the use of a horse and buggy and that is how Mazie was transported back and forth to school. For the last two years of school, Mazie and her friend and neighbor, Elsie Shupp, attended Prescott High School and lived in a place in Prescott their parents rented from Dr. Tole.

When Mazie was a teenager, her father became a deacon in the Skull Valley Evangelic Community Church of God. With her fatherís religious training, Mazie began preaching herself at the age of 17 and was trained as a minister.

She attended Arizona State Teachers College, where she received a teaching certificate and secured a teaching job at the Miller Valley School to teach fourth grade. She lived in a little two-room cabin in Miller Valley during the week and returned to Skull Valley every weekend to preach on Sundays.

After teaching for a year, Mazie felt the Lord had called her to do His work and enrolled in Anderson College Seminary, where she received her Bachelorís of Theology degree. Mazie preached in Willcox, Flagstaff and Alaska. In 1968, Mazie was the pastor of the First Church of God in Sweetwater, Texas, when she married Kenneth D. McCombs, whom she had met at Anderson Seminary.

After spending several years in Texas, the couple came to Camp Verde and served as pastors off and on through their years there. Kenneth died in 1996, and Mazie became a resident of Prescott Samaritan Village. She died on March 20, 2003, and was buried in the Skull Valley Cemetery.

An oral history of Mazieís life can be found in the Sharlot Hall Museumís archives.

Donor: Mona Lange McCroskey
November 2004

Additional documentation and photographs may be available in the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives and Library.