Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden
"Nettie" was born in South Kansas in 1887. She came to Phoenix, Arizona, at the end of World War II. She married Elliott S. "Jack" Humphrey, and at one time they lived in Switzerland, where her husband did research work at "Fortunate Fields," a dog-training institution. While in Switzerland, Nettie studied languages and acquired a working knowledge of French, Italian and German.

After leaving Phoenix, they moved to the Bard Ranch in Kirkland. Nettie and Jack had four children.

Nettie was a charter member of the Yavapai Cowbelles, serving as president when the first volume of "Echoes of the Past" was published. Her kindly and wise counsel was sought throughout her period of membership. She was treasurer of the First Church of Christ Scientist.

Nettie died in November 1959 in Florida.

Donor: Yavapai Cowbelles

Additional documentation and photographs may be available in the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives and Library.