Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden

Born on January 24, 1868, in Illinois, Vady was the daughter of Hiram and Lucretia Martin. The family settled in the Walnut Creek area in 1881. According to "Echoes of the Past II," her brothers "thought their two-year-old sister should have a name besides 'baby,' which she was called. Being patriotic, they wished to name her for the two richest states in the Union and insisted on the names of Nevada and California, but she was called Nevada or 'Vady'."

She married John Asa Bozarth on June 26, 1884, in Walnut Creek, and they had five children: Minnie Belle (Mrs. E. H.) Richardson (1884); Asa (1886); Orville Diville (1886); Guy Wesley (1889); and Waldo Emerson (1893).

A kind, generous woman who often helped people in trouble and ministered to the sick, Vady made everyone heartily welcome in her home. This wonderful mother and homemaker was probably the first white woman to ride down into Supai Canyon.

Vady was a member of the Prescott Methodist-Episcopal Church. In 1913, she lived at 208 McCormick Street. Her picture is displayed in the Bashford House.

Her daughters-in-law, Nancy and "Cappy" are also represented in the Rose Garden. Vady died on March 15, 1921.

Donor: Mr. and Mrs. O. Bozarth

Additional documentation and photographs may be available in the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives and Library.