Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden

Nora, daughter of Matilda Jane Watson and Sutton McWhorter, was born on January 16,1873 in Howard County, Kansas, in a wagon on the way west from Kentucky.

The McWhorter family arrived in Camp Verde, Arizona, in 1875. Nora's father and grandfather brought with them to Arizona 60 head of "blooded stock" and established ranches in Cherry Creek. They also became involved in mining. Nora grew up at the Peck Mine near Crown King, where she attended school. She also went to school in Cherry Creek.

On June 12, 1875, Nora married James Henry Maders at Cherry Creek, where the couple established their home and ranched until James' death in 1932. Nora and James had 12 children: William Howard, born June 27, 1895; Robert Burns, born September 7, 1896; Le Roy, born March 12, 1899; Dudley Brooks, born July 21,1901; Elbert Sutton, born August 24, 1903; James Henry, born May 16, 1906; Eugene, born July 9,1907; Fields Alexander, born October 23, 1908; Arizona Rose Merwin, born February 8, 1910; Horace Nellis, born October 14, 1911; Hazel Winifred Richards, born April 3, 1914; and Jessie Bell Higgins; born February 14, 1917. Nora was a hard-working ranch wife and a devoted mother and wife.

Nora died on January 8, 1960, and was buried at Mt. View Cemetery.

Donor: Norma Merwin Orr
February, 2001

Additional documentation and photographs may be available in the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives and Library.