Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden

Nora, daughter of Lebious Thadious and Sarah Jane Milne Larremore, was born on July 1, 1890, in Globe, Arizona. When she was very young, the family moved to the Humboldt, Arizona area.

Nora married Charles Henry Kinsman in 1907 at the McCabe Mining Camp. Charles died in 1918. She then married Webster M. Roberts in April 1920 at Prescott, Arizona, and the couple had a son, Webster Marion Roberts. Webster senior died in 1924.

Nora married three more times: to Clayton Felix Ryan, Warren Gray and James Leffell Alexander, but all three marriages ended in divorce.

Nora worked several years at the U. S. Army Hospital at Dugway Proving Grounds in Dugway, Utah, and received a letter of citation from Colonel Paul Milton for outstanding job service. She was a hard worker dedicated to whatever chore she had to do, a willingness to be there for others and a giving nature.

Her granddaughter, Bonnie Martini, claims Nora was one of the best cooks around, had a great love for her son and family and spread good during her lifetime.

Nora died on June 29, 1979, in Sacramento, California, and was buried at Mountain View Cemetery in Prescott, Arizona.

Her mother, Sara Jane Larremore, and sisters May Larremore Wilson and Mary Elizabeth Larremore Lange are also represented in the Rose Garden.

Donor: Bonnie Martini, granddaughter, and Yvonne Wilson Morgan, niece
July 2003

Additional documentation and photographs may be available in the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives and Library.