Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden

Olive was born June 22, 1888, in Tombstone, Arizona Territory, the youngest of three girls in a family of five. Her parents were Samuel Christy and Alice Robertson, who arrived in Tombstone on Christmas Day 1880 in a wagon. They brought mining machinery from St. Joseph, Missouri, in their wagon along with their family. Sam and Alice were residents of Cochise County the remainder of their lives.

Olive was seven years old when her mother died and eleven when her father was murdered in the mining town of Pearce, Arizona Territory. The five children were declared wards of the court and continued to live in the family home. Olive completed school in Tombstone and then traveled to Nashville, Tennessee, to live with family friends and attend Peabody Institute. However, she became ill from homesickness and had to return to Tombstone.

In 1906, she married Joe Hood, a colorful Western character who later became sheriff of Cochise County. In the Arizona Territory they lived in Douglas, Tombstone and Kingman where they had four sons: John, Robert, Herbert and Paul.

Olive lived in Kingman until her death in 1970. She was buried there.

Olive's sisters, Ethel Maud Robertson Macia and Edith Alice Robertson Barr Macia are also commemorated in the Rose Garden.

Donor: Betty Newell, niece
August 2008

Additional documentation and photographs may be available in the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives and Library.