Territorial Women's Memorial Rose Garden

Sopha, daughter of William Washington and Sarah Ann Haynes Gibson, was born on February 14, 1875, at Llano, Texas. While she was still a baby, Sopha's family left Texas en route to Arizona Territory. They survived several Indian raids before arriving in Globe, Arizona, two years later.

On April 21, 1895, Sopha married William Adolphus Evans, known as “Dolph.” After they were married, Dolph took up a homestead next to his father, near Buckeye, and developed a range-holding for cattle on the open range, up the Hassayampa toward Wickenburg. The couple had six children: Agustus Adolphus Evans, born March 7, 1896; James Claud Evans, born August 30, 1897; Eva Sylvia Evans O’Connell, born June 21, 1899; Ralph Earl Evans, born August 16, 1902; Laura Etta Evans Cropper, born June 23, 1904; and Anna Mae Evans Monette, born June 21, 1907.

In 1905, Dolph and Sopha or Annie moved to Phoenix to school the children. While in Phoenix, Dolph operated the Eureka Meat Shop in partnership with Charles Tovrea. The couple also owned a ranch in Buckeye, and Dolph was often gone for days at a time on cattle business, and Annie was left alone to raise the children.

Annie loved flowers and gardening and had a big asparagus fern on the porch of their home in Phoenix. She was a member of the Methodist church in addition to being a busy ranch wife, mother and homemaker. Annie died on April 2, 1949, and was buried in Greenwood Memorial Cemetery in Phoenix, Arizona.

Donors: Ruth Cordes and Raymond Evans
April 2005

Additional documentation and photographs may be available in the Sharlot Hall Museum Archives and Library.