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Library & Archives.

The Sharlot Hall Museum Library & Archives is a full-service Research Center.  The Center provides a variety of resources and archival materials for patrons’ and researchers’ use as they investigate, examine and study the various topics concerning Prescott, the surrounding communities, Yavapai County and the Arizona Central Highlands area.


Margaret Maxwell Papers

Margaret Maxwell is a librarian, professor and writer.  She has made a significant effort to document and acquaint others with the people and incidents that influenced Arizona's history.  This collection consists of research materials gathered by Margaret Maxwell on Sharlot M. Hall, including correspondence, copies of photos, newspaper and magazine articles, book excerpts, poems and prose and Maxwell’s research notes.  Also included are draft manuscripts of The Life of Sharlot Hall and an unpublished manuscript titled The Life of Mulford Winsor.

Hell Canyon Bridge & Train Trestle

This photo is a Bate Brothers photograph of both the auto and train bridges crossing Hell Canyon near Drake, Arizona.

Crown King, Arizona, c.1890 - Crown King, Arizona in its heyday as a gold mining town, located high in the Bradshaw Mountains. The community is named after the Crowned King mine, but the name was shortened to Crown King in 1888. Crown King was served by the Bradshaw Mountain Railroad.

"The Horribles" c.1891

The Horribles was a group of well-to-do Prescott businessmen dressed in "fantastic" costumes, inspired by the New Orleans Mardi Gras parades.  This group would constructed a Car of State, played horrible music, presented impressive orations and poetry - all while paraded around the Courthouse Plaza to the delight and amusement of the local citizenry.  Starting in 1881, The Horribles made their parade debut and was an instance success.  According to the Journal-Miner newspaper this parade quickly eclipsed all others.

Locomotive at Point of Rocks

This locomotive is on the Santa Fe, Prescott & Phoenix Railway at Point of Rocks in the Granite Dells area (c. 1896).  This railway, also called the “Peavine,” moved people and supplies from  Ash Fork to Prescott and connections to other lines, such as the Prescott & Eastern, which serviced the many businesses and mines in the Bradshaw Mountains.  The Peavine was abandoned in 1992, and today is a excellent urban trail or recreational path, especially through the beautiful Granite Dells of Prescott.



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